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Why You Should Be Taking Amino Acid Supplements

Nowadays, the science behind both nutrition and pharmaceuticals is so intertwined and interlinked that one’s health depends on the careful management of both. Biopharma companies such as Sunshine Biopharma Nutrition specialize in producing organic supplements that cover both of these disciplines. These important supplements are essential amino acids, which protein needs to thrive.

The main difference between biopharma (biopharmaceutical) companies like ours and pharma (pharmaceutical) companies is how we differ in manufacturing products.

Pharma companies focus on manufacturing wholly synthesized medicines, drugs and other consumable health products. On the other hand, biopharma companies use many biological sources to semi-synthesize their products.

Of all the supplements we supply, amino acids online are among the most important for one’s health and wellbeing. So let’s look at what amino acids are, why they matter so much, and why you should consider supplementing your intake.

What Are Amino Acids?

There are 20 amino acids in total, and these organic compounds act as the building blocks of proteins in our bodies. Most of the chemical reactions in our bodies that occur daily require these proteins to be formed to ensure normal body functionality.

Amino acids are commonly divided into essential, non-essential and conditional kinds. Essential amino acids are as important as their name suggests. Still, the problem is that our bodies cannot produce them. The only way to get these is through one’s diet, although it’s common for this not to be sufficient.

This is why it is so important to take a supplement that provides an immediate dose of all 9 essential amino acids: serine, glycine, tyrosine, proline, ornithine, arginine, glutamine and cysteine.

What Do Amino Acids Do?

Amino acids play an essential role in just about everything that goes on inside your body. For example, the protein production they enable ensures that your body doesn’t grow weak.

This includes providing energy, helping your body heal and repair itself, assisting in digestion, building and maintaining muscle, assisting in hormone production, producing neurotransmitters, as well as ensuring that your skin, nails and hair remain healthy.

Amino acid supplements are great if you’re an athlete who wants to boost or maintain performance naturally. It also is beneficial if you’re attempting to shape your body through regular workouts. It helps minimize the pain and fatigue felt from hard workouts while boosting your body’s blood flow and ability to metabolize fats.

Moreover, amino acid supplements will boost your immune system and provide incredible anti-ageing effects.

As a biopharma company that cares, Sunshine Biopharma Nutrition can provide the perfect essential amino acids and protein supplements that will ensure you get all that your body needs. So order yours today and stay healthy!